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Year 11 Bulletin
Friday, 11 November 2016 00:00

Year 11 Bulletin

Dear Parent/Carer

This week Year 11 students have spent some time reflecting on their recent assessments and setting targets for improvement. These targets will form the basis of the academic tutoring session on the 24th November, when tutors will discuss the current progress of your son or daughter in relation to their targets. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss aspirations and future educational and careers pathways.

Year 11 have also been focusing on the upcoming ‘Pre-Public Examinations’ (PPEs) which will be taking place from Friday 25th November until Thursday 1st December. Students have been issued with a PPE information sheet. The purpose of this is to prompt students to collect and record relevant information from their teachers on the exam requirements of each specific subject (length, how many they will do per subject, special equipment etc) as well as an overview of the topics they will be examined on. This is an important resource for students as it will enable them to plan their revision time effectively. These examinations are an important measure for the students to see the progress they have been making so far this year and enable them to compare these results to their previous PPEs in Year 10, as well as their Autumn 1 assessments. RES staff will also use the PPE results to inform future interventions, so we can further support our students in realising their full potential. More information on these interventions will be provided after the PPE results day on the 11th January.

The PPEs also provide an invaluable opportunity for students to gain further experience in completing exams in the same environment as the summer and students will be expected to follow the same rules as they would do at the end of Year 11. Please ensure your son/daughter is familiar with their individual exam timetable and that they understand the importance of arriving promptly for all their exams. Students will also need to make sure that they bring the correct equipment with them on the right days and if your son/daughter has an appointment that clashes with any examinations, if possible, please have it rescheduled. Please also be aware that on Tuesday the 29th and Thursday 1st the exams will finish after 3pm. Students will need to make alternative arrangements to get home on these days; all students have now received their timetable for the PPEs, please ask your son/daughter to look and see if this applies to them.

Once again, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your support so far this year and your continued support, particularly in the run up to and during the Pre-Public Examinations.

Yours faithfully

Mr R Blackiston
Head of Year 11

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