RES 6th Form Prospectus
Student Comments

Below are comments made by both current and previous students about life at Rydens Sixth Form College.


Differences Between GCSE & A level

"There is a big jump between GCSE & A level as the work load gets a lot more intense. You are covering a lot during your lesson and have to know what’s going on or you’ll fall behind"    (Gurkiran Basra)


"Smaller classes mean a better learning environment"    (Ryan Bradley)


"A-Level classes are smaller and that means that you get more one on one learning. I also feel so much more relaxed in my classes because I know that we have all chosen to be here"    (Laura Dickinson)


"A major difference from GCSE is the independent approach that has to be taken by the student. It is up to you to do background research as teachers trust you to do it and you get study periods in which to do this. I enjoy this independent study as it allows me to have more freedom and develop my understanding as far as I want to"    (Meg Jones)


"The teaching support is excellent"    (James Stenning)



"The Sixth Form promotes a happy and calm working environment as well as a good social environment; it’s definitely the best decision I ever made going to Sixth Form!"    (Natalie Carroll)


"I went to a college at first but after going there for three days I decided to come back, this is because I felt like the education here is better. I feel more relaxed and comfortable in lessons"    (Tahmina Quddus)


Subject Staff & Tutors   


"You get more freedom and independence"    (Danielle Best)


"Tutors are always there to talk to about anything, from academic advice to personal advice and support and it’s always fun to see them dancing at parties"    (Sue Cass)


"Student learning is more independent. You are given more responsibility and trusted to handle the freedom of study periods"    (James Cullen)


"You get treated more like an adult and build new friendships with upper Sixth Formers"    (Chantelle Fisher)


"The student/teacher relationship at Sixth Form is really different to GCSE. It has become easier to speak honestly with the staff, which has helped to improve my understanding of the subjects I have chosen"     (Meg Jones)


Social Events

"The social events allow the years to mix and create more of a community within the Sixth Form"    (Helen Dubber)


"I have really noticed a difference in the social side of Sixth Form. Friendship groups split and merge and I have discovered confidence and friend-making abilities that I never realised I had. I still maintain close friendships with my old friends but am also enjoying meeting new people and challenging myself to try new things"    (Meg Jones)


"The Social Events in the Sixth Form are a lot better than GCSE year. The parties and activity days are quality as they give you a chance to meet new people"    (Darrell Lavall)



Forthcoming Events...

College Facts

We are delighted that the majority of our students successfully progress onto Higher Education and we are increasing our range of subjects and courses. Students undertake a wide range of ‘enrichment’ activities that support university personal statements and references. Read our Overview document for more.

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