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RES Apprentice 2017 Round 2

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 2

IBM Emerging Technology Centre, Hursley

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

On Friday 18th the 12 remaining students visited IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre in Hursley, Hampshire to face the 2nd round of this competition.

Welcomed by Paul Archer, Big Data Business Development Manager, students were given a tour of the Emerging Technologies Lab and showed some of the latest technologies that IBM were working on. In the Internet of Things Centre, students looked at lots of gadgets and devices and what they did, which would give them lots of information and ideas to start their task. Students were also introduced to Watson Analytics which students found out is a smart data discovery service available on the cloud. Students were then given The Task and working in their teams they started discussing their ideas.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

The Task

Having been shown a range of the emerging technologies that IBM are currently working on as well as some that are already in place in shops and homes students task today was to come up with and then present an alternative potential market or selection of businesses that one of these technologies could then be sold to and ultimately stand the best chance of success. Students were to be judged on a number of key areas so their presentations would have to be clear in their explanations. They would need to consider how good the idea is, how realistic it was in relation to the market, if there is a potential for it and how well they would sell their idea to the judges.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

On Monday 21st Paul Archer returned to RES to judge the students in their teams.

Team 1:  Saqlain Ahmed, Dani De Freitas, Samuel Maton & Hayden Wood (not present)
Team 2:  Daniel Herbert, Jacob Levy Davies, Joe Rolfe & Oscar Rolfe
Team 3:  Rosie Chapman, Adam Lamont, Jack Saunders, Joe Taylor (not present)

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

Team 1’s idea was Jersey Beats which was targeted towards the football premier league and meant using a sensor placed inside the name badge of the player’s shirt to monitor heart rate, muscle fatigue and dehydration. This would be monitored via an app on the manager or coaches phone or tablet.

Team 2’s idea was Virtual Reality Surgery using one of the gadgets they had seen in the Technologies lab, and a heart sensor using the Accelerometer aimed at the NHS. The team had researched well and produced lots of facts and figures to back up their idea.

Team 3’s idea was Sensors for Fires which using heat sensors would see a sensor light system in homes, businesses or schools that lit up indifferent colours when certain smoke was detected enabling people to escape from the fire quicker. This would be linked to the fire department helping to save more lives.

Paul questioned all teams during their presentations and then deliberated over which two teams would go through to the next round. Taking into account the teams innovation, their business application, the business reach and their overall presentation Paul chose Teams 2 & 3 to go through with Team 1 being ‘fired. We say goodbye to Saqlain, Dani, Samuel & Hayden and well done to the remaining 8 students that go on to the 3rd round at The Bingham Hotel in Richmond on Monday 5th December.

For information about being involved with The RES Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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