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RES Apprentice 2017 Round 3
Monday, 05 December 2016 00:00

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 3

The Bingham Hotel, Richmond, Surrey

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

This boutique hotel is tucked away beside the river in Richmond-upon-Thames, the Bingham Hotel In Richmond is one of London’s most unusual boutique hotels, or ‘restaurant with rooms’: A Georgian townhouse overlooking the Thames, the Bingham Hotel is a chic retreat for romantic getaways, a gourmet bolt hole for gastronomic experiences, and a unique wedding and events venue. This Boutique Hotel offers something for everyone at The Bingham Hotel Richmond.

Upon arrival we were met by General Manager Erick Kervaon who gave the students an interesting background to the hotel and to some of the new businesses he has recently been involved in setting up with particular interest to The Alliance of Independent Restaurants. This is a new concept dreamt up by Erick in response to supporting and working with independent restaurants to help them as a group compared to the larger already established chains of restaurants.

A.I.R will support with procurement, HR & Legal work, Support Network and PR & Marketing.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

There is no joining fee and Erick and the 6 other shareholders are hoping to get well over 100 members (independent retailers) signed up for this business to be profitable. AIR guarantee that this will be returned through helping get cheaper prices for their food drink and insurance whilst also providing HR & Legal work, a support network, PR and marketing.

The students task in this round of the competition was to come up with some creative and innovative ideas to help achieve members of 100+ in the first 3 months of launch and to ensure that the shareholders of AIR and suppliers would all be profitable. Ideas were then to be pitched to Erick taking into consideration methods, time frames, cost and financial implications.

Team 1 – Oscar Rolfe & Jack Saunders
Their idea was for members to join AIR and in turn would get a members code which they could then use when approaching suppliers for their goods. AIR would refer their members to their suppliers. This in turn would pass 5% of sales to that member directly to AIR thus leading to a profit on each member’s order of supplies.

Team 2 – Adam Lamont & Joe Taylor
Adam & Joe had the idea of developing a tier based system: Gold, Silver & Bronze. A member chose what tier they wanted to be part of and although no joining fee what did happen is that each time they went to suppliers for stocks a variable percentage of the sale would go back to AIR. Each tier also gave the member company different services from AIR be it HR, Legal work ,support, PR and networking. They could set up the correct package depending on what their own company needed support with the higher the tier the more percentage from their purchase of supplies would go back to AIR.

Team 3 –  Rosie Chapman, Daniel Herbert & Joe Rolfe
This team was to create AIR-ONLINE. Again, with the idea of a 5% commission charge on members order of supplies. They were also to create an on-line booking system so guests wishing to book a table at the restaurant (member company). By guests booking through AIR a small charge could be taken from the member company each time the booking was made thus creating further profit for Air.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

After questioning each of the teams during their presentations Erick then gave feedback to all 3 teams and said what they could have done better and what ideas he liked. He also spoke to them about their presentation techniques and what they had learnt from the day. Some of the ideas he was quite keen on developing.

Erick chose a clear winner from the day which was Team 2– Well Done to Adam & Joe they are through to the final. The remaining 2 teams had to fight their corner and convince Erick why they should be put through to the final. After a lengthy debate Erick chose Team 1 – Oscar & Jack.

So,our 4 students in the Final of the RES Apprentice 2017 are :
Adam Lamont, Oscar Rolfe, Jack Saunders & Joe Taylor

The Final this year takes place in February and being hosted back at school in the Enterprise Suite at Confirmation of the date to follow.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X368 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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