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Year 11 Bulletin

Year 11 Bulletin

Dear Parent/Carer

The final Year 11 assembly of 2016 focused on celebrating the successes the students have had during their first term of this year. The first reason to celebrate was that Year 11’s attendance this term was the second highest in the school and less than half a percent away from being the top year group. Three tutor groups achieved attendance of over 97% (11C1, 11H1 and 11R1) this term and a further three over 95%. Research has shown a direct correlation between attendance and achievement, students who have less than 95% are at risk of underachieving. As well as attaining excellent attendance figures, I am also pleased to report that Year 11 had the least incidents and detentions overall as a year group.

The first review of Prom Points took place this term and I am pleased to say that the vast majority of RES students have over 15 points and will be able to attend the prom in the summer term. Congratulations to the 62 students who have over 20 prom points. These students were entered into a random draw to win a £20 voucher; this term it was won by Grace Polley. Tutor group 11H1 had the highest Prom Points average and won £25 to spend on a form group celebration.

Futures Friday events have proved to be a successful addition to the RES careers provision. Over 180 students have attended 8 different talks on a range of careers. Year 11 students also had the opportunity to consider their future aspirations at academic tutoring morning. As well as reviewing the targets they set after their Autumn One assessments with their tutor, they discussed their post 16 options with a member of SLT.

At the end of November, Year 11 completed their first set of Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) in all their subjects. May I take this opportunity to thank Year 11 for their overall behaviour during these exams and the clear focus they had during the week, as confirmed by subject teachers, SLT and the external invigilators. I hope the students have taken on board the experience of the week and will use it to help their preparation for the summer examinations. Please find attached a copy of the provisional GCSE timetable for the summer term.

During the afternoon of the 11th January, all Year 11 students will attend a PPE results event. During this event, they will receive their results as well as guidance and resources to help them reach their full potential during the summer examinations. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support this year and wish yourself and your son/daughter a very restful break.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Blackiston
Head of Year 11

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