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Year 11 Bulletin

Year 11 Bulletin

Dear Parent/Carer

Pre-Public Examinations

This week the focus for Year 11 has been PPE day (Pre-Public Examinations) which was held on Wednesday afternoon 11th January. Not only was this time used to hand out results but it gave students the opportunity to reflect on how well they had prepared for them, how they felt during their exams and moving on from the results what they can continue to do, adapt or change to ensure they provide themselves with every opportunity to succeed in the summer exam period. Students attended breakout sessions during the hour where they were able to reflect on their performance and identify what their next steps will be. The next steps were recorded on ‘I Promise’ forms which will be handed back to them just before half term. I would like to say how well the vast majority of students conducted themselves during the time in the hall and during the breakout sessions. The focus and reflection of most of the students was excellent and they showed themselves to be really committed to using this experience as a stepping stone moving forward. There was a technical issue with the dissemination of a small number of the PPE grades yesterday, this has been resolved and new PPE sheets have been issued to students today during tutor time. We apologise for any confusion regarding grades issued on Wednesday.

Year 11 Reports

Tomorrow you will receive your son/daughter’s full report in preparation for parents’ evening on the 24th January. This evening provides you with an opportunity to discuss with your son/daughter’s teachers the recent PPE results and what students can do to continue to develop. Whilst there are many causes for celebration in relation to the PPE results some of you may have concerns over some of your son/daughter’s PPE results compared to their target grades or other recent assessments. This is reflected in results nationally and highlights the importance of the PPE process in introducing students to the rigour of the examination process. The PPE exams were the first opportunity for students to sit the full spread of exams they will see in the summer and experience the time pressure in which they have to complete them. Whilst these exams are a benchmark of progress, the experience and subsequent use of the exams themselves by both students and teachers to inform and support development, make them an invaluable tool.

Next Steps

If you have any questions regarding the performance of your son/daughter in the PPEs please discuss with them what they feel were the factors that contributed to their results and what they can do to improve. The next step is to make an appointment with the relevant subject teacher at Year 11 parents’ evening on the 24th January to discuss strategies and actions that can be taken to provide your son or daughter with the best possible chance of success in the summer examinations. Over this half term the existing support offered to Year 11 will continue, we will also introduce more opportunities for support and revision over the coming months. These include lunch time targeted sessions, after school revision clubs, a targeted academic mentoring programme and introducing revision sessions into the tutorial programme as well as exploring techniques to manage exam stress, and revisiting revision and revision techniques. Please encourage your son/daughter to attend as many of these sessions as possible. Not only does it give them a chance to have more focussed revision but also to gain “Prom Points” for attendance.

Revision Resources

May I remind you that to support students in their revision at home students can access quick links to each subject and revision sites by following this link. These resources can also be accessed through the terminal server on the school website and are housed in the Year 11 revision folder in the common drive. These folders are organised by subject areas and contain revision resources for students to use as well as past papers, mark schemes and feedback from examiners which is an excellent method of revision, reviewing existing knowledge and understanding and identifying areas for improvement. We are continuing to develop the new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at the moment. The VLE that has been introduced at RES is called Frog, teachers are now using this to set homework and revision tasks. Departments are also working towards uploading subject specific revision resources to Frog. Parent log-ins for Frog will be available shortly and Mr Vowles, Assistant Headteacher, will be facilitating Frog drop in sessions at the parents’ evening on the 24th January.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Blackiston
Head of Year 11

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