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Year 11 Bulletin
Monday, 15 May 2017 00:00

Year 11 Bulletin

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 have continued to show focus in the run up to their exams, they have shown effort, commitment and dedication to their studies throughout this academic year and maintained this focus at the start of exam season. The final examinations start this week and it is vital that students know and are reminded of the rules and procedures. We have been encouraging students to revisit the documents on Frog so they are familiar with and confident of what is required in exams. Recently RES sent out an e-mail to all parents with the examinations booklet containing information for students and parents. This information is on the school website along with answers to some frequently asked questions, please use the link below.

As previously mentioned this year’s “Prom” will again be held at Burhill Golf Club on Thursday 29th June 2017 with tickets priced at £35, these are on sale at the box office at morning break. I am also pleased to announce that members of the Year 11 leavers’ committee have been working hard on organising the designs and styles for Year 11 leavers’ hoodies which can now be ordered from the box office, they are priced at £19. Friday the 19th May is the deadline for students to collect prom points. Final scores will be given to students on Monday 22nd, students who have not been able to maintain 15 ‘prom points’ will not be eligible to attend the prom. The deadline for purchasing prom tickets, yearbooks and hoodies is Friday 23rd June, please be aware that yearbooks and hoodies will be available to collect from the Main Hall on the GCSE results day, the 24th August.

On Friday 26th May students will officially leave school and the leavers’ assembly will take place from 11.15am until 12.15pm which I am sure promises to be a lively, humorous and emotional occasion. Students will be expected to attend school after half term for exams and lessons in subjects where they are still to take exams. Students should continue to wear their identification lanyards at this time and sign in and out upon entering and leaving the school site at the Hersham Road entrance. Should students wish to stay and revise at school the library will be available to Year 11 during the remainder of the exam season. As they complete their final examinations students are expected to complete an off roll form showing that they have handed back all equipment, lanyards etc. These can be printed off from Frog or students can collect one from student services.

It has been my privilege to work with Year 11 and to share their journey, experiences, development and progress over the past academic year and I would like to thank you as parents and carers for all your support and efforts during this important stage.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Blackiston
Head of Year 11

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