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Topping out ceremony
Thursday, 06 July 2017 00:00

Topping out ceremony

Rydens School RES Topping out ceremony

The new school build at RES continues to make great progress and recently it reached a significant milestone. The last and highest portion of the roof structure was complete and to signify reaching this literal and metaphorical high point, a ‘topping out’ ceremony was held.

Senior staff and selected students were given the opportunity to stand under the newly complete steelwork for the roof of the Sixth Form block and appreciate the scope and scale of the new school. Many of the students including Amy O’Hare in Year 8 commented that “it is much bigger than I anticipated, it has so many facilities and the sports hall is huge!” This last and highest part of the roof to be completed proved a technical challenge as the granary roof design had no two sides the same length or angle. Everyone was in agreement though that the work was worth it and it will be a spectacular feature of the new school.

As well as getting an early glimpse of the new build, students had the opportunity to undertake a tour to see all the exciting features which the new school will offer and also leave their mark on the building. To commemorate this milestone, all attendees signed some of the steel work and this will serve as a permanent reminder of when this significant stage was reached and the names of some students and staff that were lucky enough to attend the ceremony.

Rydens School RES Topping out ceremonyRydens School RES Topping out ceremony

It is safe to say that the students attending were thrilled to be invited and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Eva Harris in Year 9 said “I really enjoyed going to the new school as it made me really excited to move in and use all the new facilities. It was also really nice to se how close it is to being finished as it made me really start to count down till we move in.”  Alper Bakici in Year 8 agreed that he “can’t wait to move in” and they won’t have much longer to wait now!

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