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Year 9 welcome letter
Friday, 14 July 2017 13:43

Year 9 welcome letter

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to welcome all students, parents and carers to Year 9. I am really looking forward to working with you all over the coming academic year. I have been Head of Windsor House for the past four years and have seen the rapid improvements made within the school. This has been a collective and ‘team’ effort from students, parents and staff within the school as we are continually striving to help every students to achieve, reach their potential and ‘bring out their best.’

Little things make a massive difference to a child’s day at school – getting enough sleep, having a good breakfast, wearing the correct uniform, having the right equipment, following simple rules are all obvious routines and behaviours that we would all hope and expect but don’t always necessary happen! As children grow, mature and develop and pressures increase these simple routines and behaviours become even more important and the relationship between school and home needs to be strong, positive and consistent.

Every day, week and year at school is increasingly important and gradually prepares your child for adulthood and their working lives. Year 9 is notoriously a ‘challenging year’ as students reach the mid-point of their secondary education and have to make some big decisions regarding their educational pathway and GCSE options. The expectations and demands on Year 9 are going to increase as several core subjects will begin preparing students for GCSE and may even start the syllabus. There will be a greater demand on your child to do more homework as well as a greater demand from your child’s friends to be more sociable and go out more! Routines, consistency and rewards become even more important and again the link between home and school working together for the benefit of your child.

Over the next year your child may start to push more boundaries and their attitude to school and work may change. It is incredibly important that the relationship between school and home is positive, consistent and honest. Within school we have a whole range of support systems in place starting with probably the most important person, your child’s form tutor. As students will be in year groups, tutor time will be focused for Year 9 and the activities and tasks they will do are relevant and purposeful. Your first point of contact is your child’s tutor who, as they see your child twice a day, will build a strong, positive relationship with them. Each morning, tutors will check each student is prepared for school: that they are in correct uniform (an updated list for 2017/18 is attached to this letter and is also available on the school website), have basic equipment and are in the right frame of mind for learning. This starts at home and I can only ask you to ensure your child arrives at school ready for the day and if there are any issues please let the school know in advance.

I enclose with this letter a copy of the new uniform policy for next year. The changes are minor but are important to reflect the new school. All students will be expected to be wearing the new school badge on their blazer from September and also to have purchased the new school PE kit. As a result of student voice feedback, we have also adapted the girls’ uniform to an open ‘revere’ collar and no tie, however girls will need to purchase a house colour chevron to be worn under the badge on the blazer. Following feedback from parents regarding cold weather, we have also this year introduced a long sleeve quarter zip PE top which is also compulsory but is not required until October half term. We will be continuing to demand the highest standards of uniform next year and ask for your full support in this matter, however if financial support is needed please contact Mrs Mackenzie at the school.

As a school we are embarking on a very exciting phase with a new school name and building with outstanding facilities and resources. Standards within the school will continue to increase and the expectations of students will also rise as we endeavour to help each student achieve their potential. We all share the same goal, to prepare our young people for the ‘real world’ and to do this we need to work together collaboratively. Please support your child and, equally, please support the school.

As you no doubt are aware the introduction of our virtual learning environment Frog has given students and parents the opportunity to monitor homework tasks and assignments on line as well as track academic progress, attendance and conduct and communicate with staff in school. As a result of this we have decided not to use student planners from September; however, if you feel that your child would benefit from a planner they will still be available from the pastoral office and student services.

I look forward to working with you over the upcoming academic year.

Yours sincerely

Mr L Cholewa
Year Leader

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