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Student Voice

School and House Council


We have had a strong history of students leading change in the school. They have been involved in the hiring of many members of staff; they have helped develop the dining hall facilities, select new school uniform and were essential when looking to develop the School through Vertical tutoring and creating a new identity for RES. The school motto, which is central to the development of everything we do at the school, was created by one of our students. We continue to be proud of the contributions students make to the school.


With such an important development on the horizon we wanted to take the time to ensure that students felt represented when looking at the new build set to take place. This will be a legacy to the community and future generations and we want to get it right! We wanted to support the development of student voice in the school and take it to a new level.


RES Student Voice


Earlier this year our 6th form students (with support of Vertical Tutors) delivered workshops and discussion sessions on democracy and what it takes to be a good representative. The students then got to vote on how they wanted the student voice in the school to look. Students wanted House Councils that feed into a smaller school council.


Every VT group has a Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 rep. The house councils meet to discuss issues that are concerning students and they elect 2 students to form the student voice for the school. The school council will have the right to call a referendum on issues where they feel every student’s views should be counted.


RES House Councils


We will seek to used social networking sites in a productive way to show how students can express themselves positively. Meetings will have the minutes that will be sent to the principal and uploaded to the school website.


We hope that through student voice we will support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 states that children should be given the opportunity to voice their opinions and to have those opinions taken into account on any issues relevant to them (Article 12). Student Councils are an important step in promoting and protecting the rights of young people in school and in preparing them to assert their rights in the wider community.

 - Student Councils help to make the school community more co-operative as students exert a positive influence over one another through the opportunities for decision-making.
 - Students become partners in their own education.
 - Students make positive contributions to the school environment and ethos.
 - Students are involved in decision-making.
 - Through the process of council meetings students learn to listen to others and recognise that they have a right to be heard.
 - Students have an opportunity to learn self-confidence, social skills.
 - Students have an opportunity to develop responsible behaviour towards each other and all other members of the school community.
 - Peer leadership reduces the influence of disruptive elements.
 - The opportunity to contribute to the school community allows a student to develop their self-esteem.
 - Students begin to learn the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.
 - Parents may become more aware of school issues and thus the council becomes a way of improving the partnership.
 - Our aim is to create an ethos of participation in school life and the community.

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Right to Referendums

It has been suggested that the students voice will be able to call referendums when the views of all students should be considered.

All can vote on any issue

Data informs decisions

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