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Since becoming a Specialist Enterprise school in 2004, RES prides itself on giving our students the best chance for every success in the future. Even when we changed to an Academy in 2011 we put it at the heart of everything the school believed in and did. So much so we even put it at the core of our new name Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College.


Students require a number of skills to succeed in the world today and the core ideals of enterprise : teamwork, problem solving, communication, risk taking and decision making  are offered to students in both their everyday lessons and in the extra activities we offer.


With dedicated lessons every week in these skills at year 7 and 8 under the RES banner “skills for life” students learn and then demonstrate their development, through topics such as Origami, learning sign language and setting up and running their own charity project in teams. Not only do we try to show what each of the skills mean but we give students the chance understand, demonstrate and reflect on their own actions and learning  how to improve on these next time.


Another way that we give our students these opportunities outside of the classroom is through our 4 collapsed skills days that run each year. Every student in the school (1200 students) gets a chance to learn and demonstrate their skills on these days through a variety of different activities organised, created and supported in conjunction with some of our business sponsors of the school.  Examples of these days include our Year 11 big interview day (with the support of 30+ business volunteers).  Having already spent time completing a job application form every year 11 student receives a 25 minute mock interview with feedback on a job they have applied for. Sponsored by IBM earlier in the year these same students have already learnt how to create, write and sell themselves in letters, CV’s and application forms that they then prepare for their interview. Year 9 get the opportunity to try a variety of different of skills with our more local businesses such as plumbing, bricklaying, hairdressing and cake decorating to name but a few. This gives the students a chance to learn and demonstrate the skills in a practical job related environment. Recently year 7 students had the chance  to design, develop and then race their own solar panelled cars whilst year 8 students learnt financial understanding in managing their own money. Year 12 students get to take part in their own Apprentice competition which is supported  by businesses who set challenges for the students  in each of the 3 rounds which then culminates in a grand final.


Have an idea? As a teacher or a student then the Enterprise fund is for you. Since its launch in September 2012 the fund has been available to be used by both teachers and students in creating and supporting enterprise for students. Setting up a business? Let me introduce you to Elfcraft which was made up of 4 year 11 students. They initially borrowed £80 and made a profit of £300 in just 3 weeks with the risk that if they couldn’t pay back then they would have to do community service to cover the debt. This is one of five businesses that are currently running in the school. The fund has also supported  teachers in running classes in teaching year 13 students to be able to learn to cook and create meals whilst they are at university, putting sports students through work experience and providing prizes for a tutor group charity project.


Our motto is Believe, Achieve and Succeed


Believe:  We believe every student needs the chance to have those enterprising skills for their future.

Achieve:  To achieve, students need these skills for the future.

Succeed:  If you have those skills you will do it.

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