Enrichment Studies

Enrichment Studies

Sixth formers at RES Sixth Form College are encouraged to develop the independent learning and social skills required for successful further and higher education. As part of this process students are not required to attend standard tutorial sessions. In this time or at times more convenient they are expected to organise and participate in a range of ‘enrichment’ activities. These broadly match a programme being developed lower down the school and is aligned with the areas of commitment in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

The sixth formers will need to undertake 40 hours of self-directed enrichment time per academic year and this work is signed of using witness statements in log books.

The range of enrichment is broad and can take place in and out of school and can help further areas of interest the students are already engaged in.

A sample, but by no means exhaustive, list of the activities is below:


•    Volunteering – Barnardo’s
•    School events
•    Charity Fundraising
•    Subject/house Ambassador
•    Mentoring
•    Estates Team
•    Inclusion Plus Assistant
•    Tutorial Assistant


•    Sports Related activities
•    Mindset work


•    MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)
•    Mindset
•    Subject Ambassador

Exploration - Learning a new skill

•    MOOC
•    Gardening
•    Mentoring
•    Inclusion Plus Assistant
•    Running a club
•    Engaging in a new sport/pastime
•    Caring for animals
•    Learning a musical instrument

Many will want to go on and help in tutors, work in mentoring younger students or be involved in house charities.

By participating in the enrichment programme we hope that the students feel a greater sense of independence and responsibility.


Enrichment Studies

Enrichment Studies exist to enrich or enhance your other qualifications. They compliment your studies and provide that 'little extra' when applying for work, or further education. Enrichment studies are looked on in favour by employees and UCAS as they show dedication and often allow you to focus on developing skills that are not always touched on in your normal studies.

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