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RES Year 11 Big Interview
Thursday, 22 October 2015 00:00

RES Year 11 Big Interview

RES Big Interview Day 2015

On Thursday 22nd October volunteers from our local business community came to R E S to once again support our Year 11 Big Interview Day.

As an Enterprise School we are committed to preparing students in the best way possible for their future working lives. Earlier in the year students in Year 11 took part in CV workshops and have been writing their own CV and covering letter for a job that they have an interest in when they leave school. This was quite a challenge for some, as many students do not know what they would like to do post 16-18 education. These documents formed the basis of the interview today.

RES Big Interview Day 2015

27 volunteers, from a range of different businesses, arrived to interview around 200 students in one morning! We had an amazing response this year from the following companies ~

Recognition Express, DHL, Mount Business Services, DBA Speakers, Fasset Business & Property Solutions, Hersham Place Technology Park, IBM, The Rotary Club, Recognition Express, British Airways, British Gas, Attwood Burton Recruitment, Elementa Consulting, St Peters Church-Hersham and WNS.

Without such support this day would not be possible so we are enormously grateful for all that took time out of their valuable working day to help our students.

RES Big Interview Day 2015

The Main Hall was the base for the interviews and each student had been given a 20 minute interview time. Students arrived nervously but looking extremely smart in their business attire. They were allocated to an interviewer and spent time discussing the job role they had applied for whilst the interviewer asked them many different questions about themselves, their knowledge about the job and their suitability. This experience of applying for a job and having an interview will be, in some cases, the first time for our students. The students were then given feedback from the interviewer, which they can use along with thier interview skills, to take forward for a real life interview situation either for a job or a college place. All students also received a Certificate signed by their interviewer to confirm their attendance of the day.

RES Big Interview Day 2015

The interviews were finished by 12.00pm with each interviewer seeing around 5-6 students each. A debrief of the day and lunch took place in the Business & Enterprise Suite with an opportunity for the various businesses to network and feedback on the days events.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that gave up their valuable time to help interview our students today. Without them this day would not be possible.

RES Big Interview Day 2015

If anyone is interested in volunteering in next year’s Big Interview Day please contact Sarah Maton ~ Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on 01932 242994 x361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 1
Thursday, 15 October 2015 00:00

The RES Apprentice 2016

Round 1 - BP International Centre for Business & Technology

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 1

Twelve Year 12 students from R E S started out on their journey to be crowned the next R E S Apprentice winner. Supported by BP we headed to their site in Sunbury on Thames for the 1st round of this competition.

Now in its 10th year this competition sees students face 4 gruelling rounds working in groups, pairs and then individually throughout the competition. Following a series of eliminations at each round the remaining 4 go through to face an individually based task, these will be presented at the Grand Final in February 2016 (Venue & date to be announced shortly). The tasks in the competition are all business related and set by our local business contacts who have kindly offered to sponsor each of the rounds. Throughout the competition students are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, articulate, committed and confident and need to impress.

Welcomed by Hugh Bourne, Advisor of Scale Prediction and Control Upstream Engineering Centre, BP, students were given an interesting and informative  tour of part of their site as well as having the opportunity to use some of their interactive devices and have a looking their drilling training centre complete with real scale equipment. Students were then lead to the training room for the day which would become their base to work on the task set to them.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 1

The Task

In the Retail Fuel market, differentiation is challenging. Consumers generally buy fuel on either a cost of location (convenience) basis. Whilst the quality of their remains essential, BP also need to demonstrate differentiation to their consumers when it comes to their forecourt offers.

BP Retail wanted to address these frustrations and provide their customers with a more positive customer experience when using a BP forecourt.

Students were in 4 groups of 3 and Hugh asked for their team to develop and then present a compelling offer that they believed will enable BP Retail to provide a differentiated experience to their consumers. The team asked themselves “What would encourage drivers to preferentially choose to buy their fuel from a BP forecourt”. The presentation must show their concept, how it would be implemented, why this was different from BP competitors and how they would launch their initiative.

They were to deliver their concept to a small team of Senior Level Leaders who were to make up the judging panel.

Students started working on the task immediately, asking questions to Hugh and other members of BP staff throughout the morning to gain a full insight on whether their ideas may be viable. Students all worked well in their teams and enjoyed a working lunch whilst working on their presentations, time was tight before the 1.15pm deadline to present.

Team 1 was up first and  made up of Alex Drummond, Hamzah Rasheed and Charlie Currie.
Their idea was to introduce an App to use on their mobile phones. The App would enable customers to pay easily, show offers including a rewards system, travel information and GPS technology. Hamzah has researched a way that mobile phone settings and data could be altered so that customers phones could be use their phones safely on the forecourt. The idea was to be launched on Social media. Feedback from the judges was that their concept was researched and presented well and teamwork was strong. It needed  further research and clarification.

Team 2 was made up of Charlie Leese, Lewis Tillett and Onur Dilek.
Their idea was a light up system that allowed customers to see what pumps were not in use plus the design of an App that allowed customers to preset the amount of fuel that they wanted to the pump that would then only deliver the set amount. Customers would also be able to pay at the pump. The ideas was to be launched on TV. The main concern from the judges was that it would stop customers using the forecourt shops which is what they were aiming to increase. However, it was an excellent, well presented idea.

Team 3 students were Tom Blunden, Owen Nicholls and Alice Bryant.
With the emphasis on safety this team had also introduced an App that would link to Marks & Spencer and enabled customers to order items that they could pick up when they collected the BP station. Customers would collect Nectar points also. Within the App it would also allow customers to check on their Nectar points as well as giving out information of the closest BP station to them. The judges liked the ideas of this team and that they had put a big emphasis on safety. Very well presented and thoughout.

Team 4 was made up of Hayden Richards, Rhys Marshall and Liam Sewell.
Their idea was to link to ‘Shazam’ to launch a new advertising campaign that would give young drivers discounts when using their fuel. Shazam is a magical mobile app that recognises music, TV and media. It is  free on Apple, Android and Windows devices. As one of the world’s top ten apps, Shazam reaches more than 500 million users in 200 countries, exceeds 100 million monthly active users, and is growing by over 13 million new users each month. Their idea was to embed the concept of using BP petrol and services so they would then continue as they got older. They were trying to encourage users to stick to brand loyalty. A well researched and interesting concept. An excellent presentation.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 1

The judges spent a little while deliberating over their ideas and gave each team feedback. Judges decided that the winning team for them from the day was Team 4. Congratulations to Hayden, Rhys and Liam.

All teams had worked well together, showed good team work and had some interesting and thought provoking ideas. One team unfortunately has to leave the competition today and it was Team 2 – Charlie, Lewis and Onur.

All students left with goodies such as earphones and USB sticks given to them by Hugh Bourne - BP.

A huge well done to all students who put themselves forward to take part in this competition and good luck to those going through to the next round which will take place on the 18th November at IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre at Hursley, Hampshire.

Round 3 will be on the 8th December at The Bingham Hotel, Richmond.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton-Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Collapsed Skills Day July 15
Friday, 10 July 2015 00:00

Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

R E S students took time out of their usual timetabled lessons on Friday 10th & Monday 13th July to take part in our main Collapsed skills day of this academic year. Students took part in a range of enterprising activities ~

Creating a Gospel Choir

20 year 7 and 8 students chose to take part in this activity over both the two days, and were tasked with coming together to create and sing two songs as a Gospel style Choir. As well as being ably supported by their music teachers Mrs Blackiston and Mr Watson, students were supported by members of Wade Vocals which is owned by Lloyd Wade who has worked as a vocal coach on the X Factor as well as performing as a support and guest vocalist with groups and singers such as Take That, Natasha Bedingfield and Eliza Doolittle. On the Friday students worked on areas such as breathing, and harmony whilst on the Monday Lloyd came in to work with the group before their final recordings at the end of the day.

Year 7 students

On Friday students were set the challenge by our Science department to design a solar powered car. It was amazing to see students working enthusiastically in their teams to design and make their cars and using cross curricular knowledge in this task. Students extended their abilities by finding ways to make their car go faster. Some used their talents to create unusual designs for the shell of their cars, whilst some used very calculated and scientific logic to design their cars. Overall team work was uplifting to watch as they shared ideas. The day turned out to be a beautiful sunny one (phew) so that the cars could run at top speed. Student’s creations were judged on their designs and the fastest car across a distance with vouchers being handed out to the winning students.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

On Monday, students took part in a Science related day and did four events during the days that explored different physical phenomena that all come together to investigate how rockets are propelled.

1.    Travellator:  Students worked outside with 10m of duct tape, 20 skewers and plasticine to make their own wave machine. Students then had to investigate how they could alter the wave speed.
2.    Mini-rockets: Using tubes,, large protractors, 35m film canister and bi-carbonate of soda students made their own mini rockets. Students had to investigate the hypothesis, that the angle of projection affects how far a rocket travels.
3.    Carousel:  Students had a range of unusual physical phenomena to investigate that included; optical illusions, modelling a power station, investigating why bikes are more stable when moving what happens with mentos and pepsi, seemingly impossible balancing tricks as well as many others.
4.    Rocket maker: Students made their own 2l water bottle rocket ready for launch.

The final event was a competition to see who could propel their own 2 litre water bottle rocket the furthest across the field.

Year 8 students

On Friday students were tasked in creating the tallest structure out of Bamboo that they could. Students spent time before the competition trying out different methods of piecing them together such as creating triangular or square blocks to see which linked and held the structure together the best. Before starting on their final design teams were tasked with building from small scale using cocktail sticks onto Spaghetti before creating their final massive structures.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

On Monday students worked on a BP Maths related Oil Trading Game challenge with the kind help and support of BP staff. Students also did activities related to healthy eating, counting calories and learning about calorie intake as well as taking part in a fitness programme to show them how much exercise needed to be done to burn a certain amount of calories. A fun packed day which the students greatly enjoyed as well as challenging their minds !

Year 9 students

Students in year 9 had been given a choice of what they would like to do over the 2 days. Some students took part in an ART based activity which involved drawing onto huge canvases 3D abstract creations which they then painted. The overall finished pieces were amazing and will be displayed around the school. Students also created some stunning artwork using a range of buttons, beads and fine line pens which were then mounted and framed.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

Students choosing DANCE over the 2 days choreographed their own dance, using a variety of styles, music and stimulus to create their final piece which was videoed.

On Friday, students choosing PE were taken to the White Spider rock climbing centre which is London’s newest and one of the UK’s largest indoor climbing centres. It is really spacious, bright and comfy with lots of climbing and bouldering. In their teams students also took part in a badminton and ultimate Frisbee tournaments.

On Monday, 3 Instructors of the Hands Down Martial Arts Academy bought their wealth of world, European and national titles into the school and taught the students basic self-defence techniques such as awareness of situations, basic protection methods and basic stances. During the kick-boxing session students learnt punches, counters and kicks. Session 3 was based around learning martial forms as well as teaching them to do a half tornado and wowing the students with some amazing spins and flips! The comments from the instructors showed that our students showed a really high level of focus and effort during each of the 50 minute sessions, whilst the students really were impressed and enjoyed all of the new things they learnt on the day.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

ICT students learnt coding techniques and used this to create a simple one level platform game whilst students opting for MEDIA and DRAMA were given a task to create a micro film of no more than three minutes long. By the end of the two days the students had learnt about acting, direction, camera angles, camera shots and how to edit before showing their final piece. The Departments would like to thank Robin Willott owner of Mothball Design who came to the school on the Friday to help the students in their task using his extensive knowledge from having worked with clients such as Mercedes Benz, Robbie Williams, Sony and the O2.

Students that chose to do the FOOD option took part in a Masterchef v Great British Bake off competition between the 2 classes. On the Friday students were given a Masterclass in baking mini Victoria sponges suitable for Afternoon Tea from the Pastry Chef of the well renowned Bingham Hotel in Richmond Upon Thames. The students then had to make their own sponges, displaying their baking skills, knife skills and design skills as well as their skills in following the recipe they were shown. They also had to think of different designs for the top of the sponge to make it stand out from the crowd. In the afternoon, General Manager Erik Kervaon from The Bingham Hotel came down to be our Guest Judge. Having sampled forty mini Victoria Sponges, Erick scored and chose winners from the day based on look, taste, technicality. £10 vouchers were given to the category winners and the overall winners were kindly given an invitation by Erick to go to The Binghaml and enjoy one of their afternoon teas.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

On the Monday students had to design their own menus to cost no more than £5.00 and an invention test where they were given a variety of ingredients and tasked to create a pudding. Students created some absolutely amazing dishes and really showed off their skills. Pasta bakes, spaghetti Bolognese, Bruschetta, chicken skewers, chocolate cake, strawberry filled pancakes and cupcakes were made. Their dishes were judged on use of ingredients, taste, cooking skills, design and knife skills which proved to be a hard job as so many were of such a high standard. Winning students won a Jamie Oliver cookbook, vouchers and were invited along for afternoon tea at The Bingham.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

A group of 16 students took part in a PHOTOGRAPHY option. On Friday students began the day by being introduced to the manual settings on the DSLR camera and by looking at the work of photographer Slinkachu. Slinkachu is a photographer that uses tiny train figures and street props to create witty scenes in public spaces. Inspired by Slinkachu’s artwork students then used their own little figures around the school, creating unsuspecting scenes which they then photographed having created and designed their own props for them.

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

On Monday students started off by using Photoshop to combine and alter images found on the internet to create their own artwork. By playing with scale students could create new narratives for their found imagery. Inspired by the work they had created students then took the cameras around the school to supply the photos to create their own imagery. Using just the basic functions on the DSLR cameras students took photographs of backdrops, people and props, building a collection of their own images which would later be used to construct their own artwork.

Year 10 students

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

On Friday students had two different sessions. One half of the day was spent taking part in Team Building activities hosted by WISE-UP. They specialise in running fun, educational activity days for schools, colleges, universities, groups and clubs. Students took park in The Hub Challenge.. With 32 different team building and problem solving activities which encouraged the students to plan, communicate, work together and stay motivated. This is a great activity and the students had great fun!

RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015
RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015RES Collapsed Skills Day July 2015

The second half of the day was given over to students searching and finding out about careers and jobs that may interest them in the future. They were to find out all about the career path and requirements to reach their dream job. This information would then be used on the Monday where all students were required to create their own personal CV’s and covering letters. Students spent time reflecting and looking at activities that they do both inside and outside of their school life helping to make the most detailed and attractive CV’s possible. These documents will form the basis of their mock interview that they will receive on the Big Interview Day on the 22nd October 2015. Students were offered support, in addition to that from their teachers by Paul Archer of IBM who came in to offer advice and pointers to the students in the completion of the documents.

It was really pleasing to see all the efforts and engagement by the students during the many activities that went on during the 2 days. A huge thank you to all the students and staff concerned, and a big thank you to all those people from outside school who gave their valuable time and knowledge to help make these days the best and a great experience for the students.

RES Apprentice 2015, Final
Friday, 06 February 2015 00:00

R E S Apprentice Competition 2015

The Final - Friday 6th February

Hersham Place  fasset Bingham IBM

The 4 Apprentice finalists, their parents, staff, invited guests and a fantastic turnout of past Apprentice competitors and winners joined together at Hersham Place Technology Park on Friday 6th February 2015 for the Final of The R E S Apprentice competition.

The competition which is now in its 10th year saw 16 Year 12 students start  this competition back in September 2014 with the first round being hosted and the task set by Mitch Avis of Fasset Business and Property Solutions at Hersham Place Technology Park. Subsequent rounds took place at the beautiful Bingham Hotel in Richmond and IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre in Hursley, Hampshire.

Throughout the competition students took part in group and paired activities and students were fired along the way, which left 4 students to face the Final and to see who would win the coveted title of The R E S Apprentice 2015.

RES Apprentice 2015

The judges for the day were ~

Mitch Avis – Key Account Manager – Fasset Business & Property Solutions
Erick Kervaon – General Manager – The Bingham Hotel, Richmond
Paul Archer – IBM Big Data Business Development Manager
Geoff Rolls – Direct Change and Chairman of Governors, R E S

Guests who were in attendance to see our students perform included the Mayor of Elmbridge Cllr Barry Fairbank and the Mayoress Ms Gillian Smith, R E S Principal Mrs Nikki Shephard, R E S Head of Sixth Form Miss Debbie Pyke and Deputy Head of Sixth Form Mrs Natasha Blackiston. We were so grateful to see so many of our business sponsors, R E S invigilators and past R E S Apprentice competitors and finalists from as far back as 2009! It was also lovely to welcome Will Whitmore’s parents and Connor Scott’s Mum to give them extra encouragement.

Students had been set the final task a few weeks before so they had time to prepare before presenting to the Judges today ~

"Students were given £20 in cash. It is now up to them to see how much money they can make from it before the Final. Students can use any means they see fit to make money from it (providing it is legal) and can use any resources they wish. They will have to keep a record of what they have done to prove that they have made the money they state during todays Final."

Throughout the competition students were encouraged to be entrepreneurial, articulate, committed and confident and were expected to discuss why they chose their idea, what problems and issues they had faced along the way and how they overcame them and also to show examples of their work. They were judged on their ideas and innovation, the success of their idea and the communication and resources they used to promote their idea.

First up to present to the judges was Connor Scott with his idea of an R E S Swap-Shop. Connor set up an interactive  website for  his idea which was to be used by the staff and students at R E S. Earning commission on items that were either swapped or sold, Connor had projected to make a profit of £13.91 after week 1 and £143.25 after week 8. Connor had also thought about buying old mobile phones on eBay and refurbishing them to sell on but felt the Swap-Shop was a far better idea and one that could make a good income whilst benefitting staff and students. Connor advertised this idea during students’ tutor time and assemblies. A good, well thought out idea which had the possibility of being very successful.

Next up in front of the judges was Will Whitmore. Pencil Rings  was Will’s idea. Will has had this idea since last summer so when he was given this task he knew exactly how he would look to make money! In his workshop Will has been tirelessly designing and hand-making his product and selling via his website and his Facebook page which to date has 187 likes! He has made an astonishing profit so far of £402! He has orders from as far away as Sweden, New York and even New Zealand! Will gave a very clear presentation and had samples of the products to show the judges and leaflets showing all his designs. Many of the judges liked his Facebook page and were very impressed at the hard work and effort Will had put into his idea and the amazing amount of money he had actually made so far with orders continuing to come in! Well done Will.

Louisa Jack was next and she explained that she had mind mapped a few different ideas including her main passion, horse riding lessons as she has her own horse, and face painting at children’s parties. She discounted both these ideas due to health and safety issues and decided to set up her own boutique ‘Unique Blend’. Offering creative hairstyles, artistic make-up and elaborately painted and decorated nails, Louisa offered these services to friends and family, students at school with their forthcoming school prom and at school fairs in the local area. Louisa already had many of the products required to set up her boutique. In her first week she made a profit of £12.00 after paying back the £20 that was first given to her. Louisa had a projected profit after 8 weeks of £49.00 if she continued with her clients. She has already taken some further bookings. A very clear, concise and well delivered presentation.

Our final student was Matthew Squelch with his idea of private tutoring,  Learning Together ~ For Students/By Students. With his friend Scott, they had set up a private tutoring business to support students with their learning and preparation for their GCSE/AS level exams. Their areas of expertise were mainly in Maths and they had already carried out a few sessions with students. They purchased a few items such as work books, pens and pencils and geometry sets, together with downloadable past exam papers which they could work through with the students. They checked the Edexcel/OCR websites to ensure they were working towards the most up to date information. Matt admitted that he took a while brainstorming different ideas before he got started on this business idea. Matt explained his idea extremely well and he has certainly picked up some great presentation skills. Sessions so far with students had only been a few and the profit of £404.00 after week 7 was only projected at this stage but his idea had the making of being a successful one if he continued.

During a short break, judges had the opportunity to discuss each finalist and deliberate as to who would be crowned The R E S Apprentice Winner 2015.

4 very nervous finalists came back into the auditorium to find out the results. Each student was given feedback from the judges and in reverse order places were announced ~

Runners up ~  Connor Scott & Louisa Jack
2nd place ~  Matthew Squelch
1st PlaceWill Whitmore


RES Apprentice 2015


Whilst Connor’s, Louisa’s and Matthew’s profits were only projected ones at this point, Will had certainly impressed all the judges with all his hard work and commitment to this task and the actual profit of £402.00 he had made to date. One of the judges even offered Will an investment into his company! A very deserving winner and a young entrepreneur in the making!

Congratulations to all the finalists today for all their hard work throughout this competition and to making it through to today’s final.

RES Apprentice 2015

Prizes and trophies were handed out by Mayor Cllr Barry Fairbank and Mayoress Ms Gillian Smith. A special prize of a ‘A day in the kitchen with The Bingham Hotel’s resident chef’ was offered by Erick Kervaon and which Will hopes to take up in the Half Term.

A special thanks to Mitch Avis once again for hosting the final and offering us the use of their auditorium at Hersham Place Technology Park which proved to be a very fitting venue for such an important event in the school calendar. Thanks also to all our business partners for their continued support and especially Erick from The Bingham Hotel and Paul from IBM for hosting the 2nd and 3rd rounds and for returning to judge today, to Geoff Rolls, R E S Chairman of Governors for always supporting this competition and to all today’s guests who attended today to support. It is very much appreciated.

RES Apprentice 2015

Hersham Place Technology Park (HPTP) is located in the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey. With 35 diverse companies on site and over 800 people doing business each day, anchor occupier Air Products awarded regional parks operator Fasset the contract to transform their 170,000 ft2 site into a multi-tenanted business park.

HPTP is a thriving business and technology park. It combines a prime location with flexible space configuration and excellent facilities; from a 1-person serviced office up to 12,000sq  available for let now.

Hersham Place Technology Park is about more than just great workspace – it is a totally managed, flexible property solution, whatever business you are in. Extensive onsite services, first class facilities, flexible space configuration and a vibrant business community.

Full tenant listing and for all sales enquiries please visit

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Business Liaison Manager on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

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