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Art student reaches Semi-Final

Art student reaches Semi-Final

Year 12 fine Art student Alex West Reaches the Semi-Final Round of the ARTiculate Competition

We are delighted that Alex has reached the semi-final round of the ARTiculate competition. She was selected for her talk on Ed Ruscha’s ‘The Music from the Balconies - 1984’. The event was held at the Courtauld Institute of Art and Alex was well supported by her father, several RES students, Mr Berriman and Mr Field. The adjudicator -The Courtauld’s Dr Barnaby Wright- gave some of his reasons for selecting Alex in his positive feedback. He was impressed with “the quality, approach and analysis of the presentation”. He also praised Alex for her “choice of subject matter and for her insightful, passionate and personal response whilst engaging with the complexity of the work and unlocking it for the audience”.

ARTiculation 2017 and The Roche Court Educational Trust

To see news of the event and more, visit the ARTiculate website.

Alex will now compete in the semi-final round which takes place at the National Gallery on February 24th -with a chance to reach the final in March.

The ARTiculate competition at RES

ARTiculate is a national public speaking competition run by the Roche Court Education Institute since 2006. Over 3000 sixth form students from 5 UK REGIONS were involved in the competition in 2014. Alex competed against another nine students from the London area in this quarter-final. ARTiculate has already proved to be a fantastic artistic and critical experience for RES students. Participants of the competition take turns to present a 5-10 minute talk on an artwork of their choice, followed by questions about their chosen area. Alex was selected earlier in 2016 from a group including four other RES students (Elizabeth Ghalustians, Emilia Lamkin, Elena Male and Lana Robinson), who competed in the RES heat for the competition.

ARTiculation 2017 and The Roche Court Educational Trust

The competition culminates in March at an education Symposium held at Cambridge University. The Roche Court describes the Symposium as: ‘designed to engage students in looking at and talking about art and architecture, as well as offering an insight into university life.

The day includes:
-A key note lecture presented by an art historian
-Tours of the university art collections given by University of Cambridge undergraduates
-A university fair
-Q & A with the Tutors for Admissions and Access

A group of sixth form students including Alex are looking forward to being driven to the final with Mr Berriman in the RES minibus.

--Good luck at the National Alex!—

Mr Berriman - Head of Art & Design Technology Faculty

Donation from RAG Week

Donation from RAG Week

Rydens Enterprise School RES Sixth Form Rag Week

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team, Mrs Blackiston and Mrs Payne proudly handing over the money raised during RAG week to Nina Malyon from Walton and Hersham Foodbank

Students from RES Sixth Form College were delighted to meet Nina Malyon from Walton and Hersham Foodbank in mid-December to hand over the proceeds from their fundraising activities over the term. The school carries out a range of fundraising activities over the year and students from the Sixth Form were keen to support such a worthwhile local charity.

Just before half term the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team organised a packed and vibrant RAG week offering games, competitions and food and drink to entice their fellow students to part with money for a good cause. Bushtucker Rydens and the servant auction were particular highlights and really captured the interest of the student body. The week was a phenomenal success and raised just short of £800.

In the build up to the Christmas break, students organised and delivered hampers to be distributed to those in need at a time of the year when struggling to make ends meet is even more keenly felt. Students and staff worked together to contribute items for the hampers and the Sixth Form students played the role of Santa in delivering them ready for the festive season.

The students themselves chose Walton and Hersham Foodbank to fundraise for. As a local charity that helps thousands of people each year, the students were keen to support the community of which it is a part and the fantastic work they do. The work of the Foodbank is increasing and support such as that provided by the school goes some way to help it continue to support those who need it most. The combination of food and monetary donations are vital to the charity.

The school and charity hope that in working together they can help to greater support the local community and that this is the start of an ongoing relationship with the foodbank.

Art Textiles - Work of the Week
Tuesday, 17 January 2017 00:00

Art Textiles - Work of the Week

This week we have the work of Year 11 student, Paula. The topic she chose for her mock assessment unit was based on the ‘Fantastic and Strange’. Paula looked at a whole range of weird and wonderful pieces including the work of Textiles artist Emily Hiller who created an oversized woven garment.

Textiles artist Emily Hiller's woven garment

Textiles artist Emily Hiller's woven garment

Paula produced a great sample to accompany this piece made from woven strips of grey jersey cotton but my choice for work of the week this week has to be the stunning drawing she did to go along side this critical study.

Amazing! Well done Paula!!

Rydens Enterprise School RES Art Textiles Work of the Week

Paula's woven strips drawing

Harry Potter Studio Tour
Monday, 09 January 2017 00:00

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

On Monday 9th January, 15 RES students and our teachers Miss Bayley and Mr Berriman visited the Harry Potter experience at the Warner Brothers studio. Everyone was very excited; quite a few of us are huge HP fans so this trip was something we has all been looking forward to for weeks.

When we arrived at the venue, we walked in to the main foyer area where there was a massive Christmas tree along with a display of costumes from the new JK Rowling film, the Harry Potter car suspended from the ceiling and the walls covered in huge portraits of the film stars; everyone was buzzing with excitement as we waited in line to go in to the exhibition.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Firstly, we were shown into a cinema style room where we watched a short documentary about the HP films. Even though most of us knew all the films well, this was very interesting as it reminded us of all the amazing characters and scenes from the films.

After that the screen lifted up to reveal a huge castle style door. This was the beginning of the tour and our first glimpse of the studio spaces where the films were produced.

This is what we saw when the doors opened, the banquet hall. All the tables were set ready with Christmas food and drinks. It was amazing to walk through this space as this is one area where so many scenes are shot in the films, you could just imagine be part of the cast!

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Around the sides of the rooms, there were lots of Mannequins dressed in the Hogwarts school uniforms, the different houses were represented in different sections, all of us have our favourite houses which we feel we would be part of if we were Hogwarts students.

The exhibition is laid out really cleverly; there is so much to see but it just flows. As you walk round there are different areas which have been set up but they look like they have just been lifted directly out of the film set, all the tiny props are in their place like in this scene, which shows a potion mixing classroom. Until you see something like this you just don’t realise or appreciate how much detail goes into setting the scene in each and every room.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Also the lighting in the exhibition was really well thought out, some areas were very dark to make them feel a bit cold and creepy and others like this scene were well lit to make it feel homely and snug. In this section they had sensors which you could wave your hand over which in turn made ‘magical things’ happen, like a knife would start chopping vegetables on the work surface. There were so many things to get involved in as you walked around.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Some of us had a go at riding broomsticks too!!! For true harry potter fans this was VERY exciting as you can see from Sophie’s face in this photo!

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

The main purpose of our trip was to do the fabric distressing workshop but we had a little bit more time before that started to look around the exhibition so we took the opportunity to have a few photos taken!

Then at 12.30 we were met by the lady who took us out of the exhibition to start our work shop where we were going to learn about the distressing techniques used by costume designers to make outfits look worn and appropriate for different scenes.  She started off by showing us some of the actual outfits worn on the film; some of us even got to touch a jacket that Daniel Radcliff wore!!! She spoke to us about the fabrics used and the reasons behind the choice- so for example, the one she is holding up in the picture was worn by Voldemort who is the main evil character in the film- his costume was made from 15 meters of silk which was all hand dyed to give it a slightly uneven greeny black colour; this was to make it look slightly old. The lady also pointed out the tiny details that you probably wouldn’t even notice on the big screen; she showed us where tiny little holes had been burnt into the fabric using (heated wire??). So much effort for something which you could barely see!! Also she said that they chose to use silk for this garment as you never see Voldemorts feet so this floor length garment helped achieve the illusion that he floats  or glides in a creepy way, and the fact that the silk always had some sort of movement, even when the actor was completely still added to this eerie look. There was also another technique which was used on a different characters jacket- this was hot glue gun blobs to represent rain.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

We then had the opportunity to do some group work, the lady introduced the activity by telling us the story of her terrible journey into work where she was in car crash but was so determined to get to our workshop that she had dragged herself out of the car, hiked up the motorway embankment, climb over wire  fences just to get to us, she of course told us afterwards that she had just made that story up but asked HOW we could tell she had lied; Matt said because her clothes weren’t at all dirty or torn, she had no cuts or bruises from the crash etc. and that’s how she led on to our activity.

Within our groups we were given a large square of fabric which had been slashed and frayed in different ways, we were then asked to try to make up a scenario to explain how the fabric had come look like this. We all came up with weird stories, things like dogs chasing us and ripping our jackets to crazed squirrel attacks!!!

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio TourRydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

After we had shared our ideas one person from each group was asked to stand at the front with their groups sample, what we hadn’t realised until that point was that each sample had the same markings cut into it, but to slightly varying degrees. She then got us to order them, starting with the least distressed working up to the most distressed piece. This was to illustrate how a costume designer has to work. During the filming of a fight or battle scene a character may have up to 5 versions of the same outfit, all distressed to different levels to simulate different stages of the process.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Then we got the opportunity to try some of the tools for ourselves. We used scissors to make slashes in the fabric but then to fray the edges we used what looked like tooth brushes but the bristles were made from very scratchy wire. There were different varieties, some you had to brush on the fabric for quite a while to get some sort of effect, the others basically shredded the fabric so you had to be very careful. We also used the professional waxy pastes that they use to simulate things like mud, grass stains, blood and drool!! As you can see from the picture we all really worked into our samples to make them look as distressed as possible. It was great fun and a good introduction to some new techniques.

After we had tidied up, the lady showed us some of the props used in the film, in the pictures you can see her holding up a newspaper. Everyone of them is created especially for the film, in the top image you can see that on the front page all the articles are relevant and relate to wizardy themes.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

In the bottom left image she is showing a news paper inside. This one just has normal real newspaper in the middle as this one would used folded up in a pile of papers in the film, the one on the right however would be one that a character would actually read in the film so EVERYTHING has been created to look authentic- all articles are even written in Latin to appear more real and in keeping with the film. Again it is this level of detail that you just don’t thing about until it is actually pointed out to you.

Everyone go t involved and asked and answered questions. It was a really informative session which not only gave us ideas about techniques we could possibly use in our own work but also into the role of the costume designer as a potential future career.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

There are so many skilled jobs involved in this industry, it is no wonder that films such as the HP series have such a Massive budget to produce them. The lady showed us a prosthetic hairy chest piece which was made from latex. Each hair was inserted by hand and it took months to make. She told us that it cost £5000 to produce which we were all shocked by, but what shocked us even more was when she told us that that actual piece could only be used ONCE so they actually had to make a large number of them to film all the scenes necessary. The work shop was great and everyone left feeling they had learnt a lot.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

After the workshop had finished, the lady took us back to the exhibition and we continued our way through all the magical streets and rooms; you are completely immersed in the surroundings that you forget you are on a set, you really feel like you are going to bump in to the characters.

We walked along Diagon alley. Pushed luggage trolleys through to platform 9 ¾, walked along the Hogwarts express and looked around the neighbourhood where Harry’s Aunt and Uncle lived with him in the first film.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

We were able to walk around the outside of an enormous scale version of the Hogwarts building

Because of the time of year that we visited the exhibition, you can see that there was a real Christmas theme throughout. There was a light layer of snow covering this model. There was also a really interesting part of the exhibition where we were told about the different types of fake snow used.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

The first was shredded paper, this was used for slow falling,  delicate snow. The next was shredded plastic, this of course is slightly heavier so falls differently, they also can add glitter to this so that it shows up better on camera and this type of snow stays on clothing better too. And the final type (which felt amazing!) was the tiny white silicon balls which you hydrate with water and they puff up, the lady informed us that this is what you would find in babies nappies to absorb moisture. This looked and felt the most like snow however she said that this couldn’t be used in the model of Hogwarts as they had used it in the past but they found it eroded the modelling foam so had to be removed very quickly before it caused too much damage.

This is a truly magical exhibition and even though we now know lots of the behind the scene secrets, it gives you a new found appreciation for all of these films.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Harry Potter Studio Tour

Everyone thought that this trip was amazing and we all spoke about what we enjoyed the most on the mini bus home. A lot of us plan to return to the exhibition at some point in the future as that was really interesting but overall we all felt really privileged to have done the workshop. Within this hour we found out so much information which we may not have read or heard if we had only done the tour. We would like to say a massive thank you to WHDFAS committee for agreeing to fund this trip for us, we are very grateful and found it hugely informative.

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 3
Monday, 05 December 2016 00:00

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 3

The Bingham Hotel, Richmond, Surrey

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

This boutique hotel is tucked away beside the river in Richmond-upon-Thames, the Bingham Hotel In Richmond is one of London’s most unusual boutique hotels, or ‘restaurant with rooms’: A Georgian townhouse overlooking the Thames, the Bingham Hotel is a chic retreat for romantic getaways, a gourmet bolt hole for gastronomic experiences, and a unique wedding and events venue. This Boutique Hotel offers something for everyone at The Bingham Hotel Richmond.

Upon arrival we were met by General Manager Erick Kervaon who gave the students an interesting background to the hotel and to some of the new businesses he has recently been involved in setting up with particular interest to The Alliance of Independent Restaurants. This is a new concept dreamt up by Erick in response to supporting and working with independent restaurants to help them as a group compared to the larger already established chains of restaurants.

A.I.R will support with procurement, HR & Legal work, Support Network and PR & Marketing.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

There is no joining fee and Erick and the 6 other shareholders are hoping to get well over 100 members (independent retailers) signed up for this business to be profitable. AIR guarantee that this will be returned through helping get cheaper prices for their food drink and insurance whilst also providing HR & Legal work, a support network, PR and marketing.

The students task in this round of the competition was to come up with some creative and innovative ideas to help achieve members of 100+ in the first 3 months of launch and to ensure that the shareholders of AIR and suppliers would all be profitable. Ideas were then to be pitched to Erick taking into consideration methods, time frames, cost and financial implications.

Team 1 – Oscar Rolfe & Jack Saunders
Their idea was for members to join AIR and in turn would get a members code which they could then use when approaching suppliers for their goods. AIR would refer their members to their suppliers. This in turn would pass 5% of sales to that member directly to AIR thus leading to a profit on each member’s order of supplies.

Team 2 – Adam Lamont & Joe Taylor
Adam & Joe had the idea of developing a tier based system: Gold, Silver & Bronze. A member chose what tier they wanted to be part of and although no joining fee what did happen is that each time they went to suppliers for stocks a variable percentage of the sale would go back to AIR. Each tier also gave the member company different services from AIR be it HR, Legal work ,support, PR and networking. They could set up the correct package depending on what their own company needed support with the higher the tier the more percentage from their purchase of supplies would go back to AIR.

Team 3 –  Rosie Chapman, Daniel Herbert & Joe Rolfe
This team was to create AIR-ONLINE. Again, with the idea of a 5% commission charge on members order of supplies. They were also to create an on-line booking system so guests wishing to book a table at the restaurant (member company). By guests booking through AIR a small charge could be taken from the member company each time the booking was made thus creating further profit for Air.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

After questioning each of the teams during their presentations Erick then gave feedback to all 3 teams and said what they could have done better and what ideas he liked. He also spoke to them about their presentation techniques and what they had learnt from the day. Some of the ideas he was quite keen on developing.

Erick chose a clear winner from the day which was Team 2– Well Done to Adam & Joe they are through to the final. The remaining 2 teams had to fight their corner and convince Erick why they should be put through to the final. After a lengthy debate Erick chose Team 1 – Oscar & Jack.

So,our 4 students in the Final of the RES Apprentice 2017 are :
Adam Lamont, Oscar Rolfe, Jack Saunders & Joe Taylor

The Final this year takes place in February and being hosted back at school in the Enterprise Suite at Confirmation of the date to follow.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X368 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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