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Spine-Chillers competition

Spine-Chillers mini saga competition

RES are proud to announce the success of the following Year 9 students on their participation in the Young Writers’ Spine-chillers mini saga competition last term:

Fiona Lock, Joseph Mason- Coombs, Olivia Santoriello and George Stenning

RES Spine-Chillers

The students had to create an enticing, ‘spine-chilling’ paragraph in no more than 100 words. A copy of the students’ work will appear in the Spine-Chillers-Surrey book which will also be sent to the British Library and further libraries across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, providing a lasting record of their achievement.

Our students could still be in with a chance to win the £1,000 first prize, a £500 second prize or a £250 third prize as well as a Kindle Fire HD. Winners will be chosen and notified to competing schools once all the books from the competition have been published.

We would like to congratulate the above mentioned students once again on this fantastic achievement and we wish them the best of luck for the remaining stages of the competition.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 3

RES Apprentice 2016

Round 3 - The Bingham Hotel, Richmond, Surrey

The 3rd round of this year's competition saw our return to the beautiful Bingham Hotel by the riverside in Richmond upon Thames.

This boutique hotel is one of London’s most unusual. A Georgian townhouse overlooking the Thames, the Bingham Hotel is a chic retreat for romantic getaways, a gourmet bolt hole for gastronomic experiences, and a unique wedding and events venue.

Upon arrival we were met by General Manager Erick Kervaon who gave the students an interesting talk about the background to the hotel and to some of the new businesses he has recently been involved in setting up, with particular interest to The Alliance of Independent Restaurants (A.I.R.). This is a new concept dreamt up by Erick in response to supporting and working with independent restaurants to help them as a group, compared to the larger already established chains of restaurants. A.I.R will support with procurement, HR & Legal work, Support Network and PR & Marketing. There is a joining fee of £350 per year and Erick and the 6 other shareholders guarantee that this will be returned through helping get cheaper prices for their food drink and insurance.

The student's task in this round of the competition was to come up with some creative and innovative ideas to help Achieve members of 100+ in the first 3 months of launch. Ideas were then to be pitched to Erick, taking into consideration methods, time frames, cost and financial implications.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 3

Team 1 – Hayden Nicholls & Owen Nicholls
Hayden and Owen had the idea of offering various levels of membership ~ Diamond, Platinum, Jade & Gold with each type giving you different benefits such as higher perks, better publicity, links to their own websites and invites to exclusive events. This was to try and encourage members to opt for the higher level of membership. They were going to advertise this on radio stations and social media. Members would have an initial supplier meeting and would get revisited every 2 months to see if they were happy with the service they were getting and benefits they were receiving.

A well-structured and delivered presentation, although Erick felt that the research had not been in depth enough into getting the members on board.

Team 2 – Alex Drummond & Tom Blunden
Locally sourced, National Growth was Alex and Toms unique selling point. Their idea was to encourage members to join A.I.R. and this would then make them become a regional hub for restaurants in their area. Alex and Tom would as well as giving them the benefits that Erick had already created and would also give them personal introductions to other restaurants in their region so they can share good practice, advice and contacts.

Again a very well delivered presentation but Erick felt that lots of their ideas had already been covered by his own research. He liked their thinking behind the idea but wasn't sure whether it would be viable or not.

Team 3 – Hamzah Rasheed & Liam Sewell
Hamzah and Liam’s vision was to allow smaller restaurants to remain in control of their business whilst also proving support. They would approach large independent hotels and give FREE membership of A.I.R. to approx. 10 clients. These restaurants would then have a wider reach to the smaller restaurants that they then would encourage to get on board to become fee paying members. They wanted to promote A.I.R. as a prestigious high end club to join and many restaurants would want to become part of it to support their own brand image.

Erick liked this idea but the delivery was a little bit long winded rather than getting directly to the point.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 3

After all the presentations were given Erick then gave feedback to the 3 teams and said what they could have done better. He said that many did not cover all aspects of his original brief but he did like some of the idea that they had come up with. After a lot of through Erick fired Hayden and Owen leaving the remaining 4 students to go to the Grand Final.

The Final this year will take place on Friday 11th March 2016 from 12.15 – 3pm and is being hosted in the Enterprise Suite at Rydens Enterprise School.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 2

RES Appretice 2016

Round 2 - IBM Hursley, Winchester, Hampshire

On Wednesday 18th the 8 remaining RES Appretices visited IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre in Hursley, Hampshire to face the 2nd round of this competition.

Welcomed by Paul Archer, Big Data Business Development Manager, students were given a tour of the Emerging Technologies Lab and showed some of the latest technologies that IBM were working on. Students were also introduced to Watson Analytics which students found out is a smart data discovery service available on the cloud. It guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. Students were then given the Task for this round and working in pairs they started discussing their ideas.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 2

The Task

Having been shown a range of the emerging technologies that IBM are currently working on as well as some that are already in place in shops and homes, students were to come up with and then present an alternative potential market or selection of businesses that one of the technologies could then be sold to and ultimately stand the best chance of success. Students were to  be judged on a number of key areas so their presentations would have to be clear in their explanations. They would need to consider how good their ideas are, how realistic it is in relation to the market, if there is a potential for it and how well they would sell their idea to the judges.

Students had the weekend until Paul Archer was to return to Rydens School to judge their ideas. On Monday students worked in their pairs on finalising their presentations.

First team up to present was Hamzah Rasheed & Hayden Wood – Their idea was the use of a CO2 monitor which would be placed in care homes and hospitals which would be worked independently from a smart phone or smart watch. This would enable the levels of CO2 to be monitored carefully in these areas. They had the idea of also using Vision goggles for children that had difficulty moving their necks to help them see the world they live in.

Team two was Alex Drummond & Tom Blunden  -  Their idea was aimed at the elderly and with the use of ‘Sphero’ (Computerised robot) as a health assistant in hopsitals saving the time of a nurse. The Sphero would be able to monitor the person, pick up on any irregular habits, monitor blood pressure etc and this would be reported back to the doctor. They felt this would be invaluable to those patients needing monitoring over 24 hours.

Team 3’s idea was presented by Owen Nicholls & Liam Sewell  - They had researched the use of sensors to turn controls in your home on and off. These could be fitted to CO2 sensors, Wi-fi, central heating and there would be a central control hub. They felt this would be invaluable to many householders and they had found out that on average £86 each year is wasted on electrical items left on standby.

Team 4 was Rhys Marshall & Alice Bryant - The Occulus Rift -  The idea was to use the mind operated headgear to help trainee surgeons or University students to perform virtual surgery. Their aim being to increase the percentage chance of patients survival as new techniques could be constantly and safely practiced.

Paul gave invaluable feedback to each of the teams, looked into whether it was a viable idea as well as the costs involved, whether their idea was innovative and the teams overall presentation. Three teams were put through to  the 3rd with one team being fired today. Unfortunately we lose Rhys & Alice from this round.

RES Apprentice 2016 Round 2

A huge well done to all students who put themselves forward to take part in this competition and good luck to those going through to the next round which will take place on the 8th December at The Bingham Hotel, Richmond.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Art Textiles - Visiting Speaker
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 00:00

Art Textiles - Visiting Speaker

Francesca Harris

On Tuesday 15th December, students studying Art Textiles were lucky enough to have a visit from ex student Francesca Harris. She came in to speak to the students about her experience at UCA Epsom where she did a Foundation Course and then went on to study a degree in Fashion.

Francesca bought in a selection of sketch books and spoke to the students about her initial starting points and how her ideas developed. She also bought in a garment from her final degree collection; a striking bomber style jacket made with appliqued crackled orange leather and black faux fur.

Francesca Harris

All the students were amazed to hear the number of designs that Frankie had to complete for each project and asked lots of questions about the courses and what they could expect from Epsom as an institute.

Frankie spoke about her work experience at Peter Pilotto, and her nomination for Graduate Fashion week where her work featured in Vogue!! It was a really inspiring talk.

Frankie also spoke about other aspects of Uni and we got a real insight into life, not just the work side of things. She told us about living with house mates and working together to get deadlines met and about fundraising with other students to be able to pay for the end of year show; you could really see her passion for the subject.

Francesca Harris

Here are a few comments from some of the students:

Jenney Andrade said ‘It was such an informative talk; it was great to see the level you will need to work at. Frankie’s work was so professional, her garment even had a ‘FRANCESCA HARRIS’ tag sewn into it; it looked amazing! It did scare me slightly but it really motivated me at the same time as I am planning on applying to Epsom so I now have a much clearer idea of what to aim for; she gave us so much information which helped. Not everyone gets this.

Nailah Chowdhury said ‘I LOVED her work! It really motivated me to hear her talking about being selected for Graduate Fashion week and the competition she was up against. I hope to do something like this too. Her talk made me really excited about studying at Epsom; when you meet someone who actually went to RES and you see what they have done it makes you realise it’s all possible.

More of Francesca's work can be seen on her website

Clothes Show Live
Tuesday, 08 December 2015 00:00

Clothes Show Live

On Tuesday 8th December 27 students studying a variety of subjects ranging from Art Textiles, Art, Dance and Photography attended the annual Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham. During the day students had the opportunity to watch a variety of catwalk shows where models wore outfits ranging from high street fashion to haute couture pieces, some of which were truly amazing.

Clothes Show Live 2015

There was also the chance to see university stands at the show displaying examples of degree work; this was a really valuable experience for the students who are considering going in to a degree in Fashion or Textiles as it allowed them to see what type of work they would be producing and what the different Unis had to offer.

Clothes Show Live 2015

And of course we mustn’t forget the shopping! At the clothes show there are hundreds of stalls selling jewellery, clothing, makeup and shoes to name just a small selection. Everyone was excited and eager to grab a few bargains before Christmas including myself and Miss Willis!

Clothes Show Live 2015

A great day was had by all.

Miss Bayley

(Photos by Hristiana Petrova)

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